S(tatic) W(ebsite) G(enerator)

SW@G is a static website generator inspired by Pelican and written in Python.

It generates html pages from reStructured text files and adapts the various menus according to the site arborescence. Pages are generated via the Jinja2 template system. Support for code highlighting and mathematical writting is also provided.

SW@G is a free software. It comes with no warranty. You can redistribute it and/or modify it.

Quick install

SW@G as the following dependencies:

Make sure you have them installed before going through the setup process.

To install SWAG, open a terminal and get to the archive directory. Then type:

$ tar -xvf swag.tar
$ python setup.py

You need to make sure that the ~/bin directory is in your PATH variable (check your ~/.profile file)

First use

In your working directory type:

$ swag --quick_start

to create the basic directories as well as a starting index file. Then type:

$ make html

to generate the website. You can launch a local server using the command

$ make server

to check out your new awesome website!